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What do restaurant and food service consultants do?

Restaurant and food service consultants leverage their own experience and research to help owners and managers implement operations, cost control and marketing systems that other restaurants and food services have already found to work. A good food service consultant has invested hundreds or thousands of hours of time talking and networking with successful food service operators, and researching written works from other consultants and food service industry professionals, to educate themselves on the best practices of the industry.

In short, restaurant consulting is the practice of learning what works to increase profit and teaching it to those who don't have the thousands of free hours to do the research themselves.

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting is owned and operated by Brandon O'Dell. Brandon has been in the food service businesses since the age of 14 and started into management at the ripe young age of 15. For the last 20+ years, Brandon has been helping money losing food service operations turn themselves profitable. He began offering services as a restaurant consultant in 1999 when he started getting requests from past colleagues to implement controls and strategies in their new ventures that they had witnessed him develop while working along side him. This created other consulting opportunities and eventually encouraged Brandon to start O'Dell Restaurant Consulting. Brandon O'Dell picture

In addition to having successfully performed turnarounds on more than 8 money losing food services as a general manager, Brandon has helped dozens of restaurants and food services improve their profitability as a consultant, in addition to operating his own profitable chef service concept in the Wichita, KS and Kansas City metropolitan areas. Though he holds no formal culinary degree, Brandon is an accomplished chef and author. His management and consulting experience spans from quick service and full service restaurants to private clubs, universities, hotels, concessions and catering. His well rounded experience makes him an asset to food service operations of all types. Brandon is also a Mensa member. His expert insight has been sought for articles in Restaurant Startup & Growth magazine, Convenience Store Monthly, The National Restaurant Association and two restaurant industry books, among other magazines. He has also earned mention in one other book and New York magazine and his blog articles are republished many places throughout the web.

Brandon performs most of the services offered by O'Dell Restaurant Consulting himself, though he does have a network of other food service and restaurant consultants, and successful owners, to assist on larger projects.